why use wordpress

Why should I use WordPress? Well then you’re at the right place to find out.
In this article, we will share the important reasons why you should use WordPress.
We will also cover all the different type of websites you can create with WordPress as well as showcase popular sites that are using WordPress.
Please note that throughout this article, when we say WordPress, why use wordpress ?

we are talking about WordPress.org aka self-hosted WordPress and not to confuse this with WordPress.com which is a hosting service Use WordPress for Your Website .

WordPress started as a blogging tool, however it has evolved over the years into a powerful website builder and a content management system (CMS).Use WordPress for Your Website
According to recent surveys WordPress powers over 30% of all websites on the internet.

The main reason why WordPress has grown so much in popularity is due its easy to use and has the flexibility to make different types of websites.
Let’s take a look at why you should use WordPress.

WordPress is Free
WordPress is a free software. It means you are free to download, install, use and modify it to match your website needs.
This means you are not tied to a platform or website provider.

However whilst the WordPress software is free, you need a domain name and web hosting to install it that do cost,

most hosting providers offer a free domain and SSL certificate with any hosting package.
We recommend checking out our hosting offers on the main page of the website or reading our blog on best hosting providers. why use wordpress

If you need someone experienced to setup your WordPress site, please get in touch and we will happily help.

WordPress is Easy to Customize
A large percentage of people using WordPress are complete novices without any prior knowledge of designing websites.
For non-techies, WordPress is the perfect answer because there are thousands of free website templates (also known as themes) that you can choose from to create your website.

There is a WordPress theme for almost about every kind of website (whether it’s a blog, business site, or an online store). Many are free but you can pay for ones that have premium features.
WordPress themes normally come with their own options panel allowing you to customise the colours, content and layouts without writing any code at all.
You can also add custom functionality to your WordPress site by using plugins. WordPress plugins are like apps for your website that you can use to add advanced features like analytics, security, payment options, and so on. Just like themes, there are thousands of free and premium plugins available for you to use. why use wordpress ?

WordPress is SEO Friendly
WordPress is written using standard compliance high-quality code and produces semantic markup making it very search engine friendly, so Bing, Google, Explorer all love WordPress and one reason WP websites tend to rank higher. why use wordpress

With WordPress you can choose from a range of SEO plugins to further optimize your website such the very popular, easy to use Rank Math and Yoast plugins.
WordPress is Easy to Manage
WordPress is very easy to manage and navigate round. The WordPress dashboard offers clear and simple navigation so you are able to find what you are looking for. All options are normally just one click away.
WordPress also comes with its own built-in updates management system. This allows you to update your plugins and themes from within your WordPress admin dashboard. It further notifies you when there are new updates available, so you can update your site by simply clicking a button.

why use wordpress

WordPress is Safe and Secure
WordPress was developed with security in mind, and it is considered to be a very safe and secure platform to run a website. However, just like the real world, the internet can be an uncertain place.

WordPress has a number of options to increase security such as two step verification, max login attempts and there is a wide range of free and premium security plugins that you can you to protect your website. so Use WordPress for Your Website

why use wordpress

Final words
WordPress can be used in many different ways from simple Blogs to ecommerce websites and anything in between. It gives you the power to choose everything from design to functionality and you don’t need to be an expert to use it.
Here at WP editor, we offer a range on cheap and affordable services to help you with your WordPress journey. So keep us in mind if you need help.
We hope this article helped inform you about why you should use WordPress. The best way to truly experience the power of WordPress is by using it, so give it a try, and let us know what you think.

why use wordpress

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