CBD Website Store


CBD Website Store

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Online Business | CBD Shop / Blog Website – £££ Make Money Instantly

Ever wanted to run your own online store website business?

Start profiting in one of the HOTTEST markets with this professionally designed Cannabis CBD website.


OnlineBusiness | CBD Shop/Blog Website – £££ Make Money Instantly

Ever wanted to run your own online store website business?

CBD websites arestarting to see real pull and are making their owners big money.

Start profiting inone of the HOTTEST markets with this professionally designed Cannabis CBD website. The site has its own Cannabis CBD store and blog, and more. Earn income byselling products and ads.

Ready to go, fully configured CBD online store/ blog website.

http://www.pandrweb.online/ – Demo CBD shop/blog website

The above design is what you get and can be used as base template and that be easily edited using WordPress to customize and add blogs and additional products

Website Functionality

✅ Built on WordPress using Elmentor and Pro

✅ WooCommerce installed

✅ Secure Checkout (Pay via PayPal, Credit/Debit card)

✅ Additional plugins added include (Site backup, Security, Yoast, WP Rocket)

✅ Contact form

✅ Customer account

✅ Ready to go blog

✅ And more

Site Admin Functionality

The site has all the administration functionality that you could ever want including:

– Change the text on any pages.

– Change the colours etc.

– Easily add / remove/ edit products.

– Make money from advertising

– GTMetrix Speed Rating C

– Yoast SEO Ready with 90% optimized pages, products, blogs.

This is an E-Commerce Drop shipping Website template that will enable you to start your Own Business. in just a few clicks.

Drop-Shipping a product means you don’t keep any stock, the supplier will ship the product directly to your customer for you, allowing you to focus on building your online business.

All products listed come at trade price from the supplier meaning you make a profit on any products sold.

You can always source other product to add to


Why Am I Selling This Site?

I’m an internet marketer and web designer and sell on websites.

All the hard work of site development, graphics, coding, and acquiringand premium plugins has all been done for you.

You are only purchasing the site template, and not current domain andhosting.

Any additional services such as the logo and customisations will be upto you.

We don’t offer any support services but can signpost you to a number ofcheap services to help with site edits, SEO, technical support ect.

What exactly do I get if I purchase? Do I own it?

Yes of course. You will own absolutely everything. We retain ownershipof nothing. We will transfer the site once you have a Hosting provider andDomain name ready. We can make suggestions on hosting providers. Once this isready you will provide hosting details and we will transfer the site to yournew domain and hosting. This may take up to 48 hours. After purchase,the website will be fully transferred to you once your hosting is inplace. Hosting must be in place within 1 month of purchase or website will beat risk of deletion.

You are free to do as you wish with your site at anytime, i.e. re-sell,move to a different host whatever.

Why dont you provide hosting and domain?

We dont provide hosting and a domain as we believe you should have thefreedom to choose your own hosting provider and domain. We would suggest ahost that offers free SSL and backups.

How is the site built?

The site is built using WordPress and a number of plugins forfunctionality. The main editing tools are from Elementor. The site has a Proversion to however to receive updates a license can be purchased at approx. 32pound via the elmentor site.

Can I change things?

What you see is what you get. You will get a site that is identical tothe demo site above. It will then be up to you to make it your own.

The administration interface is easy to use but there are a number ofguides and videos available for support. So you have the options of doing thison your own whenever you want.

If you want anything drastically changed, new functionality, changingthe behaviour of the site then we can signpost to a developer do this but anadditional cost may be required.

How Does Dropshipping Business Work?

Since you do not have to pre-purchase the products you sell on yourdropship website, you can offer a wide selection of products to your customers.Listing many products on your website does not cause any additional costs toyou, as long as the supplier has it in stock.


After purchase we will email you to request the information, we requireto transfer the site (Hosting and Domain).

Once we have all the required information, We are able to transfer thesite within approx. 24/48 hours.

Refund Policy

We can’t offer returns on these sites as it’s a digital product and once transferred they site is yours. You can test view the demo site above before purchase.


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